Vermont Governor Signs Order Giving Preference to Climate Aware Businesses

[Excerpt from WAMC Northeast Public Radio]

UVM Professor of Ecological Economics Jon Erickson says state government policies such as the governor’s executive order often drive business practices.  “Government as a purchaser can really be the first big change in a marketplace and then everyone else jumps on board. When government said you know what we’re going to start purchasing recycled paper that created a market for recycled paper. Today we take it for granted that you can go to the store and buy recycled paper. The government has a big budget that can nudge the system in that direction. That’s huge. That’s huge. So what seems like a really small step we’re going to see years down the road tracing back to this moment that this drove innovation.”


Published by Jon Erickson

Blittersdorf Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy University of Vermont

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